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Case Studies

For further scientific data on how yellow tinted lenses (like those found in Night View NV™ glasses) have been demonstrated to improve contrast, you may be interested in the following published research available at the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. One published study was performed by the Victorian College of Optometry ( which noted "Contrast of overlying objects is enhanced is due to the selective reduction of short-wavelength light by the yellow lenses." Another was performed by the Department of Ophthalmology at the Paracelsus Institute ( where they noted "Contrast sensitivity was found to be significantly improved with yellow filter glasses."

A program of the Discovery Eye Foundation (in partnership with the National Eye Institute), notes on their web site: "For many people, the use of yellow, orange, and brown lenses can improve contrast vision and make it easier to see steps and curbs. You may have seen how many pistol shooters or marksmen wear yellow glasses when shooting at the Olympics. This is because yellow and orange increase contrast vision." (Source:

Furthermore, a study published in Ophthalmic Research (2003;35:54–59), the Journal for Research in Experimental and Clinical Ophthalmology concluded, "The yellow filter without residual reflections had a positive influence on the brightness and contrast perception of healthy subjects, for which its use would be beneficial under mesopic conditions." The International Commission on Illumination notes that, typically, night-time outdoor and traffic lighting would be considered mesopic (CIE Publication No. 41. Light as a true visual quantity: principles of measurement. 1978.)

While these studies were not specifically done on Night View NV™ glasses, we confirmed that our product successfully "blocked night-time glare" and "reduced eyestrain" through an independent laboratory.

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